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Epoxy Flooring Cost in Phoenix

Are you facing problems of fading or cracking in your pool deck area? With the aggravation of summer heat, the damage will just get worse. You can easily repair cool deck in Phoenix, Arizona, but see below for

Epoxy Floor Coating

We at Ultimate try to educate our potential customers on things to look for before hiring a contractor.  It may take an extra 5-10 minutes to research the company you are thinking about hiring, but

Arizona concrete repair

You probably chose concrete for your driveway, garage, patio or walkway because of its durability and reputation for giving even the toughest stains the cold shoulder. So if a little dirt and grime has marred

Garage Epoxy Floor Coating

Phoenix area homeowners love epoxy flooring installation for their garages. The most significant advantage is easy maintenance, but you will also love the way it looks! While your garage is probably not always the most common place to hang out, many of us (especially rental property owners and 2nd home winter visitors) want a floor that is attractive and easy to keep clean. Choosing epoxy flooring in your garage provides several benefits.

In the past, any type of flooring project required blood, sweat, tears, and in some cases, frustration. One of the latest trends in flooring is out to change all of that. Epoxy flooring is long-lasting, durable, and easy to apply.

Did you know updating your garage is one of the hottest trends in home improvement right now? And it all starts with addressing the garage floor, an area which tends to become ugly, pitted, cracked, and dangerous over time.