5 Reasons You Should Invest in Garage Floor Epoxy


Did you know updating your garage is one of the hottest trends in home improvement right now? And it all starts with addressing the garage floor, an area which tends to become ugly, pitted, cracked, and dangerous over time. Ever asked yourself “Is epoxy flooring a good investment?” sit tight and we will tel you why it is!

There are a variety of cheap options out there, but roll-out mats and snap-on soft tiles will never deliver the same permanent value as a permanent epoxy garage floor coating. The gleaming beauty and functionality of an epoxy coating is second-to-none, and will open up entirely new possibilities for your garage space.

 5 reasons why epoxy coatings are a great investment.


#1) Put an end to ugly. 

As mentioned, garage floors tend to get nasty. They accumulate oil drips. They crack when the house settles. They get pitted.

You may think, So what? It’s just a garage.

It’s also the first thing you see when you come home at night. It’s the first thing you walk through. It may be the first thing your guests see, if they aren’t encouraged to go to the front door. In all these cases, your ugly garage floor is contributing to a feeling of “ugh” instead of a feeling of “ahh.” Home should be a haven, and first impressions count.

#2) Make your garage safer.

The abuse a garage floor takes doesn’t just cause an aesthetic issue. It can cause a safety issue too. If you’ve ever picked your way across a cracked garage floor while holding a big box you might know what we mean.

It’s all too easy to trip and fall on an untreated garage floor. A trip and fall injury can be far more serious than most people realize. Just ask any personal injury lawyer.

#3) Gain more living space. 

A gorgeous garage floor opens up new possibilities.

Maybe you’ve always wanted a home gym. Or a workshop. A party room or man cave. Coating your garage floor can even be the first step in creating an apartment for an elderly parent or adult child.

When you see your shining floors the possibilities will leap out at you. The dingy, boring space you used to know has become exciting and useful.

#4) Increase the value of your home.

Someday you might want to sell your home. A beautiful garage can instantly increase the value of your house. It can certainly increase curb appeal. And while home buyers might not want to use the space exactly the same way you’ve used it, there’s nothing inherent to the flooring to stop them from using the garage however they want.

Between the boomerang generation and the sandwich generation homes with extra living space sell for at least $3000 more. Multigenerational homes are becoming the norm, but houses which accommodate it are rare. Garage floor epoxy can give buyers that sense of space, even if you don’t add any other improvements.

#5) End the yearly ordeal. 

People with stained and messy garage floors tend to see the garage as a whole as mere overflow space. It’s just human nature. All sorts of junk tends to accumulate. Boxes stack up. Sooner or later nobody wants to park their car in the garage or be inside of it. Cue the yearly ordeal: cleaning out the garage. A messy, dirty, arduous task the whole family dreads.

Perception is everything. Transforming your garage floor makes the flooring itself easier to clean. It shimmers and shines, creating a space you’ll want to take care of. As a result, you’ll be more inclined to avoid the hoarder phenomenon. You may even be inspired to add shelving or other storage space. Psychology matters when you’re trying to change your habits! So, if you had asked yourself “Is epoxy flooring a good investment” we hope we have helped answer that question for you!

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