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Your garage has cars in and cars are big and messy. Fluid drips, skid marks and the damage that happens in a high traffic area are all concerns.  That’s why you need an epoxy floor coating.  Epoxy is a thermosetting resin. When applied to concrete, it becomes a non-porous surface​ An epoxy coated floor is also resistant to slippage, the extreme arizona heat, heavy impact and even fire. Epoxy coating is safe, easy to clean, and has that shiny, just-poured brilliance lasts for years to come.

Epoxy Floor Coatings & Colors: Solid, Custom, Faux Stone

Below are Ultimate Concrete Coating’s standard color choices. We also have the ability to custom blend epoxy floor coating colors and chip colors depending on your budget and style. We can create something just for you! Please ask about our new metallic epoxy finishes to make your garage, basement or floors stand out. The metallic epoxy coating contains pearlescent reflective mica chip flakes which will add a modern, exotic flair to your home.

The Right Epoxy Floor Coating

Take pride in the whole garage because your new garage epoxy flooring will not only be durable and easy to clean, it will be beautiful, too. Ultimate Concrete Coatings specializes in the application of garage floor epoxy colors and each job is custom designed for each individual customer’s home and lifestyle. Your concrete garage floor can be coated with an epoxy that is a solid color or a blend of epoxy colors. We even offer new metallic epoxy finishes with pearlescent reflective mica chip flakes.

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