Stamped Overlay
Colors and Textures

We offer granite, slate, and flagstone stamped or hand troweled textures.  Every floor starts out seamless with continuous texture.  You have the option of a grouted pattern (i.e., random stone, ashlars, cobblestone, river rock, brick, tile, etc.).

Our Stamped Overlay Process

Once you have selected the perfect stamped overlay color and texture for you, our installers will draw the pattern on the floor and then cut the grout lines in either quarter or half-inch width.   The grout lines are filled with real grout and then the coloring process begins.  Colors that were previously selected with our designer are layered on by hand with the customer having the option to preview the colors and lighten or darken the amount of each color.  The layering of colors creates the natural stone appearance and depth.  All of our textured coatings have two coats of abrasion-resistant sealer with nonskid that produces a tough, easy-to-clean surface.